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Spritzer Distilled Water Starter Pack - 5 Cartons Bundle (9.5L x 2) + Mini Dispenser (Green)


Units Per Carton : 2

1) SPRITZER Distilled Drinking Water 9.5L x 2 bottles (5 cartons)
2) SPRITZER Mini Dispenser Green (1 unit)

Enjoy the benefits of Spritzer Distilled Drinking Water – so clean that it contains no microorganisms, minerals or chemicals. For its pure nature, it helps bring out the best and natural flavour of every beverages and juices. You might be pleased to find out that Spritzer is produced using a U.S. patented process that meets or exceeds FDA, EPA and other industry standards.

Premium water is just a fingertip away. Light weighted mini dispenser, easy mobility. New registered design, suitable for home, office, or hotel guestroom etc. Mini Dispenser makes Changing water so easy.

SKU Number: 4-OSSA-SDD-9500-5-SMD
Product Category: Spritzer Distilled / RO Drinking Water