Different type of drinking water
Hydration is important to keep our body to function. There are many types of drinking water in the market. But not all water is processed the same way, with some being safer to drink and providing more nutrients than others.
Natural Mineral
Distilled Water
Reverse Osmosis
Filtered Water
Boiling Water
Origin Rainforest water Tap water Seawater/brackish water Tap water Tap water
Process Filtered naturally through underground rock & sandstone strata Boiled water turn vapor then back to water, killing germs & leaving impurities during the process Pressure is used to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane which remove impurities during the process A water filter is made of a porous substance which holds back impurities while water passes through Boiled for at least fifteen min at 100 degrees Celsius to effectively kill germs
Health Implication Mineral essentials for body Safe for drinking Safe for drinking Dissolved heavy metal may be present Heavy metal may remain depending on the tap water used
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