What is silica mineral?
Silica also knowns as silicon dioxide (combination of silicon and oxygen) is an essential nutrient to help produce collagen in our body. Collagen is needed to ensure optimal health in our everyday life and even more as we age.
Smoother skin
Shinier hair
Stronger nails
Heart health
Bone and joint
Brain functions
Gut health
Do you know?
Spritzer Natural Mineral Water has been tested by 3 prestigious universities namely University of London, Keele University and University of Warsaw to contain therapeutic amounts of Silica naturally that your body can absorbed. For more information, please visit www.silicastory.com
Minerals Benefits
Our natural mineral water is well-balanced in natural minerals gifted by our tropical rainforest. Minerals are essential for the body and bring health benefits.
Help maintain acid-base balance in the digestive system
Manages diabetes & boosts brain function
Boosts bone health, relieves insomnia & improve dental health
Treats high blood pressure, lowers anxiety & stress
Regulates the function of muscles and nerves
Help produce collagen in our body (check out Silica Story page to know more)