Aluminium-a Brain Toxin, May Be Eliminated with OSA Rich Mineral Water (SPRITZER)

Aluminium-a Brain Toxin, May Be Eliminated with OSA Rich Mineral Water (SPRITZER)

Professor Christopher Exley and Emily R. House from The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK in their latest review paper, “ Aluminium in the human brain “ published in Monatsh Chem (2011) 142 : 357 – 363 (To view paper, click here) that an inevitable consequence of humans living today is the presence of aluminium in the brain. This non-essential, neurotoxic metal gains entry to the brain throughout all stages of human development, from foetus through to old age.

The authors suggested that aluminium can be eliminated or minimized to the body by natural mean through the consumption of orthosilicic acid (OSA) or silicon rich mineral water and hopefully improve brain health.


A great advice from the experts. After all, aluminium is so prevalent in the environment and our diet that there is no way of preventing it from getting onto our body.

The Sources Of Aluminium (AI) In Our Everyday Lives

  • AI leavening agents and anti-caking agents used in such food as: bread and pastries, pancakes and waffles, non-diary creams, cake mixes, processed cheese, baking powder, food starch modifiers.
  • AI cookware and containers such as soft drink and beer cans.
  • Municipal tap water.
  • Antiperspirants, Anti-acids, Buffered Aspirin, Food wrapped AI foil.
  • Inhalation sources: talcum powder, cement, tobacco smoke.


The authors advocated that Aluminium can be removed through the regular consumption of silicon (OSA) rich mineral water. Click here to read more.

Spritzer Natural Mineral Water contain therapeutic amount of OSA as reported by the University of London and Keele University.

So regular consumption of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water may help in removing aluminium from the body and may fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. So take care of your hydration (water) need in your body by choosing Spritzer Natural Mineral Water and who knows, you may be drinking yourself to a life free of Alzheimer’s Disease