Aluminium In Breast Tissue: A Possible Factor In The Cause Of Breast Cancer

Aluminium In Breast Tissue:  A Possible Factor In The Cause Of Breast Cancer

Scientists from Geneva, Switzerland and University of Reading in UK have implicated aluminium to the possible cause of breast cancer. In two separate publications, “ Aluminium and Human Breast Diseases”.

Journal Inorganic Biochemistry 2011 Nov; 105 (11): 1484–8 (read abstract here) and “Aluminium chloride promotes anchorage-independent growth in human mammary epithelial cells”; Journal Applied Toxicology 2012 March; 32 (3): 233 – 243 (read abstract here).

In the first study, Professor Darbre from University of Reading found that people with breast cancer had much higher aluminium than control. She found higher levels of aluminium in type 1 human breast cyst fluids (median 150 ug/L) compared with human serum (median 6 ug/L) or human milk (median 25 ug/L).

The study from Geneva, indicates that the aluminium found in antiperspirants may contribute to breast cancer even at extremely low concentrations.




We know that aluminium is a neurotoxin and may be a contributing factor to the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

But now new findings recently are also pointing to aluminium maybe a cause of breast cancer.

Although much research still need to be done to confirm this, it is prudent and as a precautionary step, especially for ladies that frequently used antiperspirants or deodorant sprays to check the label of the can that aluminium salt is not one of the ingredient. Try to choose a spray that is aluminium free.

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