Aluminium, Main Ingredient in Air Pollution

Aluminium, Main Ingredient in Air Pollution


Recent research had identified , aluminium as an abundant toxic metal in atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5). For example , a publication “ The neurotoxicity induced by PM2.5 might be strongly related to changes of the hippocampal tissue structure and neurotransmitter levels” Toxicology Research (Cambridge) 2018 July 31; 7(6): 1144-1157 (Read Paper Here).

The Chinese authors concluded that collectively, metallic elements including lead, aluminum, and manganese which are at high levels in PM2.5 particles, can enter the blood circulation following lung deposition and reach different organs, such as the liver, kidney and brain. These metallic elements can cross the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) to brain tissue and accumulate in the hippocampus and may induce the abnormal expression of excitatory neurotransmitters and damage to the hippocampus, which affects the learning and memory function of rats

A publication from the School of Environmental & Natural Resource Science , University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) , “ Source apportionment and health risk assessment among specific age groups during haze and non-haze episodes in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia “ published in Science of the Total Environment 601-602 (2017) 556-570 (Read Text Here). They found aluminum to be one of the highest toxic element found in PM2.5.


In a very recent interview, Professor Chris Exley, the aluminium toxicity expert with more than 30 years of research commented that most of the air particulate we breathe in are made of aluminium and can be a serious health hazard. Watch less than one minute clip here.

A recent news report linking air pollution to several thousand death in the USA

Aluminium had been implicated to be a cause of Alzheimer’s Disease and many other neurological disorders .

Since Aluminium is so ubiquitous (presence everywhere ) in the environment and diet ,

We must take precautionary steps to avoid if possible and if not minimize the risk of exposure to aluminium by drinking a silicon rich natural mineral water .

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