Aluminium May Cause Cancer

Aluminium May Cause Cancer





To read the full publication at the International Journal of Cancer (click here).

We cannot escape from the scourge of aluminium in our everyday living as the neurotoxin is now ubiquitous (present everywhere). Below a list of some products containing aluminium.



Fortunately, we can still live healthily in The Aluminium Age, through a very simple, non-invasive, effective and inexpensive way of blocking aluminium getting into the body and also removing the neurotoxin from the blood stream by just simply drinking daily SPRITZER – the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water. Silicon is a well-known natural antagonist to aluminium.

In a recent human clinical trial in UK, both control and patients with Alzheimer’s Disease(AD) who drank one litre of SPRITZER water everyday for 13 weeks saw a significant reduction in the levels of aluminium ranging from 50 to 70%. The results also showed some individuals with AD, the lowering body burden of aluminium may benefit cognitive function. These findings were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2013 (view here) and (view here) the UK press release.

Why not apply the “precautionary principle” after all there is no risk but all to gain if you just include in your daily dietary routine at least 1.5 litre of SPRITZER-the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for your hydration needs. Besides the Silicon benefits, SPRITZER water comes to you from a 420 feet deep aquifer (~ 40 storey building) surrounded by a vast 330 acres (~266 football fields) landbank (dated to be around 214 million years of age) of pristine natural tropical rain forest, far away from all pollution. Hence providing complete protection to the integrity, purity, quality, safety of SPRITZER Mineral Water. From the source (aquifer) to the bottle, SPRITZER is untouched by human hands.

So be a smart consumer, choose SPRITZER-the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water to quench your thirst and received the Silicon benefits. What a great deal.









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