Another Scientific Breakthrough for SPRITZER - the SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER

Another Scientific Breakthrough for SPRITZER - the SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER

PRESS RELEASE: November 2017

A just released peer-reviewed clinical study published in the journal EBioMEDICINE, “Urinary Excretion of Aluminium and Silicon in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis” (view here) and a comment by Professor Chris Exley, a 30 years expert in aluminium toxicity, “A Role for Aluminium in Multiple Sclerosis”, 3rd November 2017, The Hippocratic Post (read here) showed that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients excreted significant amounts of the toxin aluminium in their urine after consumption of around 1.5L of SPRITZER – the SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Professor Exley said that the results of the trial are unequivocal both in demonstrating that individuals with MS have a high body burden of aluminium and in showing that regular drinking of SPRITZER helped to remove aluminium from their body and could be a much-needed, simple, non-invasive and effective therapy for individuals with MS.



SPRITZER – the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water is created to provide the highest quality with healthy benefits for our beloved consumers daily drinking water needs because we are concerned for your well-being.

This aspiration motivated SPRITZER to invest in a vast landbank of 330 acres (266 football fields) of pristine surrounding of natural tropical rain forest, far away from any pollution, hence providing a complete protection to the integrity, quality and safety of its natural mineral water. From source to bottle, SPRITZER is untouched by human hands.

Apart from the undeniable top quality, drinking SPRITZER-the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water had been clinically shown to be very effective in removing the neurotoxin aluminium from the body hence providing a precautionary way to minimise the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (see above and here). Due to the ubiquitous or omnipresence of aluminium in our daily living, our bodies are constantly being bombarded by this toxin and each day our body burden of aluminium kept on increasing until a threshold is reached when memory loss may become evidenced.

Did you know that every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia?  Dementia starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before symptoms appear?

It has now been shown without any doubt that if your body has no aluminium, you will be free of Alzheimer’s Disease (read here: No Aluminium, No Alzheimer’s Disease).

Below is our daily exposure to Aluminium:

Even after billions of US dollars been spent to find the cause and cure for neurodegenerative diseases nothing has been found to bring any relief.  Living today in “The Aluminium Age” we cannot avoid been exposed to this scourge but we can help to minimise coming into contact with any products containing aluminium salts, whether in food, medicine, cosmetic, containers, air pollution such as cigarette smoke and many more. Simultaneously, we should drink a silicon- rich natural mineral water daily to reduce the body burden of this neurotoxin.

So be a wise consumer, choose SPRITZER – the Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water for your daily hydration needs and received the silicon healthy benefits.  For more information go to and