Big Pharma, Pfizer to Stop Alzheimer's Disease Research

Big Pharma, Pfizer to Stop Alzheimer's Disease Research

PRESS RELEASE: January 2018

Drug company Pfizer has announced it is pulling out of research into drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The US-based pharmaceutical giant said it would be ending its neuroscience discovery programmes following a review, and 300 jobs would be lost.

The Alzheimer’s Society called the news “disappointing” and a “heavy blow” to those living with dementia. To continue reading the BBC News, click here.



Could it be that all these Big Pharma’s are barking up the wrong tree? The ANSWER could just be the neurotoxin, ALUMINIUM.

Watch RT America News channel on: “Aluminium exposure may cause Alzheimer’s – report

Heather Synder PhD, Director of Medical & Scientific Operations, Alzheimer’s Association, commented, “as the 6th leading cause of death in the top 10 that we currently do not have a way to prevent, or to stop or slow its progression”.

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