Doetary Amount of Aluminum, Showed Serious Inflammation In Brain Of Mice

Doetary Amount of Aluminum, Showed Serious Inflammation In Brain Of Mice

PRESS RELEASE: Jun-21-2018

Two recent publications from Canada and USA, “Systemic Inflammation in C57BL/6J Mice Receiving Dietary Aluminum Sulfate; Up-Regulation of the Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines IL-6 and TNFa , C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and miRNA-146a in Blood Serum” published in J. Alzheimers Dis Parkinsonism 2017; 7(6): (View paper here) and “Selective Targeting and Accumulation of Aluminum in Tissues of C57BL/6J Mice Fed Aluminum Sulfate Activates a Pro-inflammatory Nf-kB-microRNA-146a Signaling Program” published in Journal of Neurology and Neuro Toxicology 2017 ; 1(1) 1-10 (View paper here).

Led by neuroscientist, Dr.Walter Lukiw, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Ophthalmology from Louisiana State University, who had been studying into the possibility of aluminum toxicity leading to the onset, development and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease for 30 years. Their latest findings has for the first time showed that ALUMINUM CONSUMPTION FOUND IN HUMAN DIET may over the long term, predispose an individual to systemic inflammation of the brain which eventually leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.


Professor Lukiw gave 6 independent observations proving aluminum toxicity can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease:

1. Aluminum causes an inflammation in the brain by increasing the pro-inflammatory molecule called nuclear factor kappa beta (NF-kB), an important feature in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.
2. Aluminum stimulates beta-amyloid plaques in the brain at levels matching those currently found in humans.
3. Out of many thousands of brain gene messenger RNA molecules (molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to cause gene expression), aluminum increases the same ones that are increased in Alzheimer’s disease.
4. The animals suffering from Alzheimer’s who had aluminum added to their diets had additional brain changes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, like programmed cell death, oxidative stress, and deficits in gene expression.
5. Aluminum leads to the same kinds of cellular energy deficits that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, liked impaired signalling involving ATP and energy utilisation.
6. A very significant number of studies revealed a link between the amount of aluminum in tap water to the incidence of Alzheime’s disease. (worldwide, aluminum is added to tap water as alum, hydrated aluminum sulphate, as a coagulating or clarification agent).
Living in the “Aluminum Age” where aluminum is ubiquitous, present everywhere that we cannot avoid this neurotoxin in our daily living.

It is no wonder, many people have been tested with high level of aluminum in their brain.

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