Drinking Silicon-Rich Water May Help Against Inflammation Toxicity

Drinking Silicon-Rich Water May Help Against Inflammation Toxicity


A new study just released “ Effect of Silicon-Rich Water Intake on the Systemic and Peritoneal Inflammation of Rats with Chronic Low Levels of Aluminum Ingestion “ published in Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 46(2018) 96-102 (View Paper Here), showed that chronic ingestion of aluminum, which commonly present in our tap water and processed food increases bowel inflammation or toxicity. However, the presence of Silicon-Rich Water prevented the inflammation . The researchers from Russia thus concluded that Silicon-Rich Water can be an effective therapy against the immunotoxicity of aluminum.


Another group of scientists affirming the benefits of daily drinking of Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water. SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water had been tested by two prestigious UK universities viz London and Keele to contain therapeutic amount of soluble silicon also known as orthosilicic acid.

Today we are living in what expert is calling “ The Aluminum Age” where aluminum is ubiquitous (present everywhere) , in our diet from tap water (used as purifier) , processed food (used as processing aids) to medicine and environmental smoke such as from cigarettes.

Below sources of Aluminum in our diet:

So our body are bombarded daily with this toxin and aluminum consumption has been implicated in over 30 ailments or diseases , the most damaging is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Recent testing of brain aluminum content found that nearly 80% of the people contained very high content of this neurotoxin.

So to minimize ones risk of accumulating aluminum in the body is to avoid as much as possible products associated with it , although this may be very challenging . The other very effective way is to drink everyday at least 1 litre of Silicon-Rich Mineral Water . After all we need to drink enough water for our hydration needs , why not choose SPRITZER the Silicon Rich Mineral Water , the water used in clinical research.

So take precaution for your brain with SPRITZER -The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water.

Added benefits from drinking silicon rich water is growing your collagen naturally . Silicon is an important ingredient needed to stimulate an enzyme that synthesise collagen in the body.

SPRITZER Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water

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