Mobile Phone Radiation May Be Protected By Drinking Silicon-Rich Water

Mobile Phone Radiation May Be Protected By Drinking Silicon-Rich Water

PRESS RELEASE: May-07-2019

A latest study published in the peer-reviewed journal of General Physiology And Biophysics (2019), 38: 83-90 entitled

Effects of Silica-Rich Water on Systemic and Peritoneal Inflammation in Rats Exposed to Chronic Low-Level (900-MHz) Microwave Radiation
( view paper here), showed that the inflammation caused by mobile phone radiation may be prevented by consuming silicon-rich water . The authors concluded that the silicon-rich water opposed pro-inflammatory cytokines ( a type of signalling protein ) and it could be a relevant modulator of chronic microwave radiation effects on systemic and peritoneal inflammation.


Mobile phones use and wireless communication are considered inseparable part of modern way of life. Rapidly increasing use of mobile phones is believed responsible for health effects of microwave exposure . Here are some latest research :

(1) “ Commenting on the utility of the National Toxicology Program study on cell phones radiofrequency radiation data for assessing human health risks despite unfounded criticisms aimed at minimizing the findings of adverse health effects .” Environmental Research 2019 Jan; 168: 1-6 ( view abstract here )

(2) “ Effect of 900-, 1800-, and 2100-MHz radiofrequency radiation on DNA and oxidative stress in brain “ Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine 2019; 38(1): 32-47 (view abstract here)

It is so heartening to know that drinking silicon rich water may counter against the detrimental effects from the radiation emitting from mobile phones.

SPRITZER- The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water was tested in UK to contain therapeutic amount of bioactive soluble silicon as orthosilicic acid (OSA). Previously, SPRITZER was used in two clinical trials in UK showng that long term drinking of SPRITZER can be very effective in removing the ubiquitous aluminium -a neurotoxin from the body.

Silicon has also been found to be able to synthesize collagen in the body .

Hence beneficial for collagenous or connective tissues such as skin , hair, nails, bones, and blood vessels.

With this latest new finding of protection against damage from radiation of mobile phones , regular consumption of SPRITZER- The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water should be your preferred choice for your daily hydration needs.