Silicon (OSA) Participates in Biosynthesis of Collagen

Silicon (OSA) Participates in Biosynthesis of Collagen

Polish researchers in their paper, “Biological function of some elements and their compounds. IV . Silicon, silicon acids, silicones” published in Pol.Merkur Lekarski 2009 Nov ; 27 (161) : 423 – 6 gave a review of the benefits of silicon as OSA, in participating in biosynthesis of collagen, the basic component of connective tissue.

It strengthens and makes the walls of blood vessels more flexible, diminishes capillaries permeability, accelerates healing processes, has a sebostatic activity, strengthens hair and nails. This element has a beneficial effect on phosphorylation of proteins, saccharides and nuceleotides. It is also essential for the formation of cytoskeleton and other cellular structures of mechanical or supportive function.

The health benefits of OSA is beyond doubt with so many research evidences.
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