Jungle Bird Fizz

Jungle Bird Fizz
Spritzer Sparkling 90 ml
Fresh Josapine Pineapple Juice 45 ml
Fresh Lime Juice 15 ml
Gula Melaka Syrup 15 ml

1. Remove pineapple leaves for garnish, and discard the pineapple skin.

2. Cut pineapple into quarter for juicing and slice a few to dehydrate.

3. Place pineapple slices in dehydrator for 6 hours at 69 degree Celsius.

4. Chop 200g of gula melaka into small pieces, mixed with 200 ml of water in a pot and cook till dissolve.

5. Peel an orange zest peel.

6. Cut lime into half and use an Mexican Elbow to squeeze out the lime juice.

7. Pour all ingredients except Spritzer Sparkling Water into the smaller Boston Tin Shaker.

8. Add ice into the tin shaker and close the shaker tigth and shake.

9. Double strain the mixture into a glass, add ice into glassware.

10. Top up with Spritzer Sparkling Water, garnish with 3 pineapple leaves and dehydrated pineapple slice.

11. Zest the cocktail with the orange peel and discard.